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05 December 1996 / 24 Rejab 1417 ♥
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Ramadan Revelations: Day One

"The only people who truly believe in Our messages are those who, when they are reminded of them, fall into Sujood (Prostration), celebrate their Lord’s praises, and do not think themselves above this.
Their sides shun their beds in order to pray to their Lord in fear and hope; they give to others some of what We have bestowed upon them.”
(Surat As-Sajdah | Verses 15 &amp; 16)

Allah (swt) in His Glory descends to the lower heavens to listen to those who call upon Him! Then why waste the blessed first 20 nights and wait for the last 10 nights? We can make this Ramadan more productive and beneficial than last year. WE CAN!!
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Sleep less, pray more 💫

Focus on Ibaadah insha’Allah not Iftar!.